Greenline Ocean Class 70 Hybrid Power boat

  • Greeline Ocean class 70, hybrid powerboat
  • Greeline Ocean class 70, hybrid powerboat
  • Greeline Ocean class 70, hybrid powerboat
  • Greeline Ocean class 70, hybrid powerboat
  • Greeline Ocean class 70, hybrid powerboat
  • Greeline Ocean class 70, hybrid powerboat
  • Greeline Ocean class 70, hybrid powerboat
  • Greeline Ocean class 70, hybrid powerboat
  • Greeline Ocean class 70, hybrid powerboat
  • Greeline Ocean class 70, hybrid powerboat
  • Greeline Ocean class 70, hybrid powerboat
  • Greeline Ocean class 70, hybrid powerboat
  • Greeline Ocean class 70, hybrid powerboat

Greenline Ocean Class Hybrid Powerboats Range
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  • Greenline Ocean Class 55

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Marking a new era in extended world cruising




The Superdisplacement™ hull has been applied to a larger scale: after the immensely successful Greenline Hybrid 33, and the presentation of the Greenline 40 concept earlier this year in Germany, the first transoceanic Greenline hybrid takes form as Greenline Ocean Class 70. A smaller sister of 55 feet is already on the drawing board and is expected to be launched for the 2012/13 season.


While the new yacht was developed we were able to profit of all the tank- testing, hybrid/solar technology research conducted for the creation of the Greenline 33. It became clear that with her Superdisplacement™ hull, hybrid capacity, solar T top and unmatched comfort the 70 is a pure-bred Greenline Hybrid.


However, with her size, flybridge concept and the transatlantic capacity we called her Ocean Class 70, of the Greenline Hybrid family.


The Ocean Class 70 continues with the philosophy of her smaller sisters, but takes comfort and range to a new level. With her seaworthy Superdisplacement™ hull allowing for a transoceanic range, coupled to solar and hybrid technology, this particular vessel is about to have a huge impact on the boating community in the years to come, increasing the comfort and decreasing the cost of boating in a significant way – while drastically reducing the carbon emission footprint of a boating family.


The first Ocean Class Hybrid will be available in Spring 2012. With a 3 kW solar array on the hard-top, 80 kWh of energy stored in Lithium batteries and a twin hybrid propulsion system rated at 120 kW, the Ocean Class 70 Hybrid will be able to cruise in perfect silence and without stressing the environment, while delivering a range of 20 nautical miles in absolute silence and completely emission-free.


Alternatively you can view our range of brokerage Greenline Hybrid Powerboats by clicking here


Avalible with the GreenPad


green padThe GreenPad aids you in voyage planning, boat moni­toring, management and handling, navigation, communication and en­tertainment for your whole family on board.


The GreenPad is an iPad application that has been specially developed for the Greenline range of yachts. Wirelessly collecting data from the Green­Box in the engine room, it graphically shows the status of your Greenline on the iPad. All the boat data is presented through a user-friendly inter­face. It is packed with features, easy to use and comes with a customiz­able interface: just slide to set the detail level of your choice. From a clean & intuitive 3D graphic view to a detailed list of all your boat’s functions. Drag the fields to where you want them, turn them off or just snap them back into place. You can zoom in anywhere or double tap the speedom­eter to view it full-screen. When you’re satisfied with the looks, just tap to disable touch functionality, and with the app changing modes automati­cally, you will always see what you need without having to tap a button.


Main Features


  • transatlantic range
  • Superdisplacement™ hull: unmatched seaworthiness, excellent fuel efficiency, comfortable ride, easy to handle and safe offshore performance
  • deep protective keel: provides directional stability at slow speeds and following seas, reduces roll and guarantees a well-protected rudder and other running gear
  • twin active ABT TRAC stabilisers: a stabilised ride in the harshest of conditions
  • three comfortable staterooms plus large crew quarters
  • a generous bathing and boarding platform for a safe and practical water access and boarding plus a large stowage for toys
  • wide, well protected walkways: safe, comfortable access to all parts of the deck
  • pilothouse side door starboard: fast and comfortable access to boat sides, a must for narrow quarters manoeuvres
  • direct access from pilothouse to the flybridge: fast change of steering station, an important safety factor in all critical situations
  • a spacious and well-protected cockpit: a vast area for eating, lounging and relaxing, well connected to main saloon, protected from sun, wind and spray
  • vast flybridge area: unmatched comfort on the spacious terrace above the sea for unobstructed visibility whilst steering, entertaining or sun-lounging
  • european designed, engineered and built: convenient communication and customisation during the building process, easy maintenance, fast and efficient yard-provided service



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Preliminary standard dimensions:


Design: J&J Design

Builder: Seaway

Length overall: 21,49 m

Length of water line: 19,55 m

Beam overall: 5,95 m

Draft loaded: 1,40 m

Displacement empty: 42 T appr.

Cabins: 3/4

Toilets/washrooms: 3/4


Diesel tank: 7000 l

Water tank: 1500 l

Engine (standard) diesel: 2 x 800 HP

Speed max std. engine: 22 knots (Std.engine)

Range at 19 knots (std engine): TBA

Generator: 16 kW 50 Hz



Speed under electric power: TBA

Range (electric drive): 20 nautical miles

CE cat.:

Versions:Hybrid Ready, Hybrid Solar, Electric

Hull Super displacement geometry with a protective keel